• Notating Music

    Music notation... "modern" music notation as we know, is +-600 years old. Mensural notation, in which each note has a specific time value, became a necessity with the development of polyphony. In the 14th cent. Philippe de Vitry, the author of Ars Nova, which [...]

  • l(a || a14.hs.r || SPDsx + max/msp

    I accidentally stumbled across this sensational performance from a guy called Patrick Marschke. Pretty cool!  

  • Native Instruments as Drum FX

    Apart from Synthesizers i find analogue Hardware incredible unwieldy. I remember a time when i was running my set through various Hardware FX  and got annoyed about all that stuff laying around. I must admit, that i find it more fun [...]

1905, 2018

Opera… Beautiful and Old and Old

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This morning was distracted by Verdi's "Oberto conte di San Bonifacio". Beautiful and Old [...]

1005, 2018

Music schools don’t encourage creativity!?

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Excellent series... from 2013.. just a few years ago... but still present!? What’s wrong [...]